The list below shows how many ASNs are assigned to each country. Click on the country links to see more details about the specific ASNs and IP addresses that belong to each country.

AS Numbers: 7 | Build: 2019-05-20
ASN Name IPv4 Num IPs IPv6 Num IPs(/64)
AS15433 TISM Telecom Italia San Marino., SM 18,176 0
AS39759 PASSEPARTOUT Internet Service Provider, SM 8,192 0
AS49159 SMTAS, SM 2,048 0
AS62171 VPWR, SM 1,024 0
AS196874 TELENETSRLAS, SM 3,072 0
AS199325 SEMPLIFY, SM 1,280 0
AS201852 BLUINDACO-AS, SM 1,024 0