The list below shows how many ASNs are assigned to each country. Click on the country links to see more details about the specific ASNs and IP addresses that belong to each country.

AS Numbers: 10 | Build: 2019-09-19
ASN Name IPv4 Num IPs IPv6 Num IPs(/64)
AS4638 IS-FJ-AS Telecom Fiji Limited, FJ 23,808 0
AS9241 FINTEL-FJ Fiji International Telecomunications Ltd, FJ 19,456 0
AS24390 USP-AS-AP University of the South Pacific, FJ 65,536 393,216
AS38442 VODAFONEFIJI-AS-FJ Vodafone Fiji Limited, FJ 22,272 0
AS45349 TFL-AS-AP Telecom Fiji Ltd, FJ 1,792 0
AS45355 DIGICELPACIFIC-1-AP Digicel Fiji Limited, FJ 11,520 12,884,901,888
AS132248 RBOF-AS-AP Reserve Bank of Fiji, FJ 256 0
AS135647 AFL-AS-AP Airports Fiji Limited, FJ 512 0
AS136921 FNU-AS-AP Fiji National University, FJ 256 0
AS137890 WALESILTD-AS-AP Walesi Ltd, FJ 256 0
IPv4: 145664 | IPv6: 12885295104