AS Name Org Name IPv4Prefixes IPv6Prefixes IPv4 NUMs IPv6 NUMs(/64) Registry Region Looking Glass
TOYOTAASIA-TH-AS-AP TOYOTA MOTOR ASIA PACIFIC Engineering and Manufacturing, 2 0 512 0 Thailand
512 IPv4 Addresses
CIDR Description IP Num TRUE-Corporate Fix ip for corporate customer 256 NTT-TH NTT (Thailand) Limited 256
AS Description Country/Region IPv4 NUMs IPv6 NUMs IPv4 IPv6
AS7470 TRUEINTERNET-AS-AP - TRUE INTERNET CORPORATION CO. LTD., TH Thailand 982,272 4,295,163,904 IPv4 IPv4
AS38566 NTTCT-AS-TH-AP - NTT (Thailand) Limited, TH Thailand 14,848 8,589,934,592 IPv4 IPv4
IP Address Domain NUMs Domains 3 1 1 1
as-block:       AS17653 - AS18431
descr:          APNIC ASN block
remarks:        These AS numbers are further assigned by APNIC
remarks:        to APNIC members and end-users in the APNIC region
admin-c:        HM20-AP
tech-c:         HM20-AP
mnt-by:         APNIC-HM
mnt-lower:      APNIC-HM
last-modified:  2019-01-08T23:19:07Z
source:         APNIC

role:           APNIC Hostmaster
address:        6 Cordelia Street
address:        South Brisbane
address:        QLD 4101
country:        AU
phone:          +61 7 3858 3100
fax-no:         +61 7 3858 3199
e-mail:         [email protected]
admin-c:        AMS11-AP
tech-c:         AH256-AP
nic-hdl:        HM20-AP
remarks:        Administrator for APNIC
notify:         [email protected]
mnt-by:         MAINT-APNIC-AP
last-modified:  2013-10-23T04:06:51Z
source:         APNIC

aut-num:        AS18197
as-name:        TOYOTAASIA-TH-AS-AP
descr:          TOYOTA MOTOR ASIA PACIFIC Engineering and Manufacturing,
descr:          +66-2386-1826,
descr:          [email protected]
country:        TH
org:            ORG-TICC1-AP
import:         from AS7470
                action pref=100;
                accept ANY
import:         from AS4618
                action pref=100;
                accept ANY
export:         to AS7470
                announce AS18197
export:         to AS4618
                announce AS18197
default:        to AS7470
                action pref=10;
                networks ANY
admin-c:        PY184-AP
tech-c:         PY184-AP
notify:         [email protected]
mnt-by:         APNIC-HM
mnt-irt:        IRT-TRUEINTERNET-TH
last-modified:  2019-06-09T22:40:36Z
source:         APNIC

irt:            IRT-TRUEINTERNET-TH
address:        14th,27 th, floor ,Fortune Town
address:        1 Ratchadaphisek Road, Din Daeng
address:        Bangkok 10400
e-mail:         [email protected]
abuse-mailbox:  [email protected]
admin-c:        TIA6-AP
tech-c:         TIA6-AP
auth:           # Filtered
remarks:        [email protected] is invalid
last-modified:  2019-12-18T13:38:23Z
source:         APNIC

organisation:   ORG-TICC1-AP
country:        TH
address:        No. 18, True Tower, Ratchadapisek Road
address:        Huai Khwang Subdistrict
phone:          +66-(0)-2783-0400
e-mail:         [email protected]
mnt-ref:        APNIC-HM
mnt-by:         APNIC-HM
last-modified:  2017-08-29T23:20:38Z
source:         APNIC

person:         panthip yimcharoen
nic-hdl:        PY184-AP
e-mail:         [email protected]
address:        True Internet Co.,Ltd.
address:        1 Fortune Town,14th,27th floor
address:        Ratchadapisek Road
address:        Din-Daeng,Bangkok 10400
address:        Thailand
phone:          +66-2-641-1800
fax-no:         +66-2-642-1557
country:        th
last-modified:  2008-09-04T07:42:34Z
source:         APNIC