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AQUA-Sopot Sp. z o.o.
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IPv6 NUMs(/64)


512 IPv4 Addresses
CIDR Description IP Num AQUA-Sopot Sp. z o.o. 512
AS Description Country/Region IPv4 NUMs IPv6 NUMs IPv4 IPv6
AS8374 PLUSNET - Polkomtel Sp. z o.o., PL Poland 1,390,080 68,719,476,736 IPv4 IPv4
AS12831 TASK-AS - Technical University of Gdansk, Academic Computer Center TASK, PL Poland 18,944 2,147,483,648 IPv4 IPv4
AS29314 VECTRANET-AS - VECTRA S.A., PL Poland 525,824 4,294,967,296 IPv4 IPv4
as-block:       AS196608 - AS213403
descr:          RIPE NCC ASN block
remarks:        These AS Numbers are assigned to network operators in the RIPE NCC service region.
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
created:        2020-04-03T15:01:19Z
last-modified:  2020-04-03T15:01:19Z
source:         RIPE

aut-num:        AS197105
as-name:        AQUA-SOPOT-AS
org:            ORG-ASzo21-RIPE
import:         from AS12831 accept ANY
export:         to AS12831 announce AS197105
import:         from AS43681 accept ANY
export:         to AS43681 announce AS197105
admin-c:        sr55
tech-c:         sr55
status:         ASSIGNED
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-END-MNT
mnt-by:         AQUA-SOPOT-MNT
created:        2011-02-04T13:36:22Z
last-modified:  2018-09-04T10:58:26Z
source:         RIPE
sponsoring-org: ORG-TUoG1-RIPE

organisation:   ORG-ASzo21-RIPE
org-name:       AQUA-Sopot Sp. z o.o.
org-type:       OTHER
address:        ul. Polna 66-68, 81-740 Sopot, Poland
abuse-c:        AR30950-RIPE
mnt-ref:        AQUA-SOPOT-MNT
mnt-by:         AQUA-SOPOT-MNT
created:        2011-01-31T09:39:52Z
last-modified:  2014-11-17T22:51:00Z
source:         RIPE # Filtered

person:         Stanislaw Roth
address:        ul. Jesionowa 16/2, 80-261 Gdansk
phone:          +48583421403
nic-hdl:        sr55
mnt-by:         AQUA-SOPOT-MNT
created:        2011-01-31T08:49:18Z
last-modified:  2011-02-04T15:51:11Z
source:         RIPE # Filtered