AS Name
Org Name
LigaLink LLC
AS198185 Looking Glass






IPv6 NUMs(/64)


2,048 IPv4 Addresses
CIDR Description IP Num LigaLink LLC 2048
AS Description Country/Region IPv4 NUMs IPv6 NUMs IPv4 IPv6
AS1299 TELIANET - Telia Company AB, SE Sweden 279,552 17,609,367,814,144 IPv4 IPv4
AS20764 RASCOM-AS - CJSC RASCOM, RU Russian Federation 13,568 42,952,228,864 IPv4 IPv4
AS25478 IHOME-AS - iHome LLC, RU Russian Federation 4,608 4,294,967,296 IPv4 IPv4
AS50384 W-IX_LTD - iHome LLC, RU Russian Federation 256 0 IPv4 IPv4
AS199624 SPARKTELL-NET - OOO "RelCom", RU Russian Federation 3,072 38,654,705,664 IPv4 IPv4
AS Description Country/Region IPv4 NUMs IPv6 NUMs IPv4 IPv6
AS204199 SURYA-AS - Surya LLC, RU Russian Federation 512 0 IPv4 IPv4
IP Address Domain NUMs Domains 9 10 3 2 4 1 7 1 3 2
as-block:       AS196608 - AS213403
descr:          RIPE NCC ASN block
remarks:        These AS Numbers are assigned to network operators in the RIPE NCC service region.
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
created:        2020-10-28T07:56:37Z
last-modified:  2020-10-28T07:56:37Z
source:         RIPE

aut-num:        AS198185
as-name:        LIGALINK-AS
org:            ORG-LL106-RIPE
import:         from AS25478 accept ANY
import:         from AS50384 accept ANY
import:         from AS8595 accept ANY
import:         from AS199624 accept ANY
export:         to AS25478 announce AS198185
export:         to AS50384 announce AS198185
export:         to AS8595 announce AS198185
export:         to AS199624 announce AS198185
admin-c:        LLNC-RIPE
tech-c:         LLNC-RIPE
status:         ASSIGNED
notify:         [email protected]
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-END-MNT
mnt-by:         LIGALINK-NOC-MNT
created:        2011-10-28T13:49:27Z
last-modified:  2018-11-16T21:37:37Z
source:         RIPE

organisation:   ORG-LL106-RIPE
org-name:       LigaLink LLC
country:        RU
org-type:       LIR
address:        Solnechnaya, 19
address:        143909
address:        Balashikha
address:        RUSSIAN FEDERATION
phone:          +74955446363
fax-no:         +74955446363
descr:          LigaLink ISP
e-mail:         [email protected]
tech-c:         LLNC-RIPE
mnt-ref:        RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-ref:        LIGALINK-NOC-MNT
notify:         [email protected]
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-by:         LIGALINK-NOC-MNT
abuse-c:        LLAT1-RIPE
created:        2011-10-21T12:29:45Z
last-modified:  2020-12-16T13:00:43Z
source:         RIPE

role:           LigaLink NOC
address:        19, Solnechnaya Street
address:        143909 Balashikha
address:        Russia
e-mail:         [email protected]
phone:          +7 495 544 63 63
fax-no:         +7 495 544 63 63
admin-c:        MM30333-RIPE
tech-c:         SB15181-RIPE
nic-hdl:        LLNC-RIPE
mnt-by:         LIGALINK-NOC-MNT
created:        2011-11-03T08:54:30Z
last-modified:  2011-11-17T08:33:29Z
source:         RIPE