AS Name
Org Name
Subsidiary with 100 percent foreign investment SELDIKO
AS62117 Looking Glass






IPv6 NUMs(/64)


1,024 IPv4 Addresses
CIDR Description IP Num UA-SELDICO 256 Subsidiary with 100 percent foreign investment SELDIKO 1024
AS Description Country/Region IPv4 NUMs IPv6 NUMs IPv4 IPv6
AS15895 KSNET-AS - "Kyivstar" PJSC, UA Ukraine 758,784 4,294,967,296 IPv4 IPv4
AS43658 INTRAFFIC-AS - Intraffic LLC, UA Ukraine 6,144 0 IPv4 IPv4
as-block:       AS61952 - AS62463
descr:          RIPE NCC ASN block
remarks:        These AS Numbers are assigned to network operators in the RIPE NCC service region.
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
created:        2018-11-22T15:27:34Z
last-modified:  2018-11-22T15:27:34Z
source:         RIPE

aut-num:        AS62117
as-name:        Seldico-AS
org:            ORG-SWPF1-RIPE
import:         from AS12530 accept ANY
export:         to AS12530 announce AS62117
import:         from AS43658 accept ANY
export:         to AS43658 announce AS62117
import:         from AS15895 accept ANY
export:         to AS15895 announce AS62117
admin-c:        BR3167-RIPE
tech-c:         BR3167-RIPE
status:         ASSIGNED
notify:         [email protected]
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-END-MNT
mnt-by:         SELDIKO-MNT
created:        2014-02-06T10:29:21Z
last-modified:  2021-02-18T14:42:55Z
source:         RIPE

organisation:   ORG-SWPF1-RIPE
org-name:       Subsidiary with 100 percent foreign investment SELDIKO
country:        UA
org-type:       LIR
address:        Raisu Okipnoyi, 8B
address:        02002
address:        Kyiv
address:        UKRAINE
phone:          +380443932627
phone:          +380934619465
e-mail:         [email protected]
mnt-ref:        RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-ref:        SELDIKO-MNT
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
mnt-by:         SELDIKO-MNT
abuse-c:        SWPF1-RIPE
created:        2014-01-31T10:27:54Z
last-modified:  2020-12-16T12:31:16Z
source:         RIPE

person:         Bogdan Ripskyi
address:        8-B, Rayisy Okipnoy St.,
address:        Kyiv, Ukraine, 02002
phone:          +380443932627  ext. 205
e-mail:         [email protected]
nic-hdl:        BR3167-RIPE
mnt-by:         SELDIKO-MNT
created:        2014-01-31T12:08:19Z
last-modified:  2014-01-31T12:08:19Z
source:         RIPE